InnerLife 2018 - an invitation to a shared devotional life in the new year

Want to join me and other CCFCers in using a wonderful daily devotional guide in 2018? Read on! This is a great way to provide some structure to our set-aside times with God each day.
The proposal:
I was introduced to "Disciplines for the Inner Life” (by Benson & Benson) at CCFC a number of years ago. It remains my favorite devotional guide and I am planning to go through it again this year. I’d like to invite you to join me. I will check in periodically via an e-mail list and any who wish to respond may join in conversation regarding how the process is going, thoughts stirred up by the materials, etc. We may also get together a few times during the year if there is interest.
About the book:
Disciplines for the Inner Life is a daily devotional guide organized by weekly topics for 52 weeks. It is structured as an intentional progression from the more meta and methods through difficulties, patterns of prayer, inward fruit, and finally ending with “Outward Fruits of the Inner Life.”
This book was out of print for quite a few years. I bought a bunch directly from the author when he reprinted it recently. If you need a copy of the book, you can purchase from me at-cost for $20. Jean Shim and Michelle Sham will be the point people distributing at AM and PM services respectively.
How to join InnerLife 2018:
If you’d like to join me, please email me at spiritualformation [at] with the following:
- Name
- Preferred e-mail address for the mailing list
- Whether you need a copy of the book
- If you need a copy, let me know whether you’d like to get it at AM service (from Jean) or PM service (from Michelle)
We will start with week 1 on Monday, January 1st; please plan to get your book in December.
Feel free to e-mail me any questions, of course!
Megan Zahniser
CCFC Spiritual Formation Ministries
spiritualformation [at]