CCFC is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). It is especially known for its values of relationships, church planting, multi-racial ministry, and dialogue over debate. The ECC is guided by six affirmations that make up our central beliefs.

  • The Centrality of the Word of God
  • The Necessity of the New Birth
  • A Commitment to the Whole Mission of the Church
  • The Church as a Fellowship of Believers
  • A Conscious Dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • The Reality of Freedom in Christ

By "Covenant," the ECC isn't referring to "covenant theology" (as in the covenant versus dispensational theology debate), but to the fact that, as a Christian community, we have covenanted, or promised, to be an encouragement to one another and to show compassion to the hurting. This is what it means to be the church!

The ECC is:

  • Evangelical, but not exclusive
  • Biblical, but not doctrinaire
  • Traditional, but not rigid
  • Congregational, but not independent

For more on the history, beliefs, vision, and mission of the ECC, check out their "Identity" page.