Families Ministry

Welcome to CCFC! We are glad your family is worshipping with us! 

If you’d like information on Family Ministry, what to expect for the year, and to be added to our email list, 
please email families [at] ccfc-church.org. 

What is Family Ministry?

Family Ministry is a team that meets once a month to discuss the felt-needs of the families at CCFC, and to plan events that support spiritual growth for families. Family Ministry began in the fall of 2012 in response to the growing number of families at CCFC and a desire to connect, grow and serve together. Being a young church, we felt that specific support for our young families was especially important. We keep in mind the needs of families in our Sunday services, Wednesday night group, and Traction House.  It’s our hope that the families at CCFC will continue to grow in relationship with God and with each other throughout the different seasons of life.

What is the difference between Family Ministry and Kids Church?

CCFC Kids Church is our Sunday school program that meets during 9am service on Sundays, and is run by CCFC Children’s Director Laura Mitchell. Family Ministry is distinct from Kids Church in that it does not focus so much on kids programming, as much as how to support and grow the family as a whole unit (parents and children together) and in community with each other.

What is the difference between Family Ministry and house churches (small group)?

Family Ministry generally plans a few events a semester, specifically targeted to supporting the spiritual growth of families and strengthening relationships. We also have a moms group and a dads group, which each meets approximately every other month. Family Ministry events are not meant to take the place CCFC house churches, which meet more frequently and involve more regular small group sharing and Bible study times.

What does Family Ministry do?

Family Ministry has several goals – we humbly acknowledge we are a work in progress, so these goals are not necessary “met” as much as things we strive towards and pray for:

1. Support families to grow together spiritually and relationally.

We hope to see parents and children grow together as a family unit, and we believe that parents play an important role in the spiritual formation of their children at home. As such, we strive to support and equip parents to keep growing in their faith, and to lead their families in the journey of knowing and loving God more each day.

Some practical ways of doing this:

Worship Together. One thing we do as a church is encourage children to stay with the parents during Sunday musical worship time. The hope is that this gives families a chance to worship God together, allowing our children to see us singing to Jesus and offering them the opportunity to join in.

Family Devotionals. Family Ministry believes that parents have great impact on the spiritual formation of their children in the home, and encourages parents to lead their children in spiritual discussions and routines. We send out a family devotional during the Advent season as a tool for parents to use at home for deeper spiritual discussions. During the Lenten season, CCFC also has a daily devotional that includes a kids section for families to use at home.

Marriage Retreat and Parenting Seminars. As we seek to equip families to mature spiritually – particularly in marriage, parenting, and family life – we hold an annual Marriage Retreat in the spring, and we have occasional parenting seminars. The hope is that these events will point us towards Jesus, deepening our understanding and reliance on Him in the different areas of family life.

2. Create space for families to connect with each other and the church.

We know that families need to support and connect with each other to grow. Here are some ways we do that at CCFC:

Moms & Dads Groups. We have gatherings for moms and gatherings for dads – these meetings have been a good way for moms to connect with other moms, and dads to connect with other dads every-other-month. Often these meetings center around a particular topic of discussion that is relevant to faith and family life - they help us point each other towards Jesus through different seasons, trials, and celebrations.

Gathering Space. We love thinking of ways for families to connect with each other and the church body more broadly, whether through a fall farm day activity, picnics/potlucks, summer play dates or other events.

3. Build a community of families that live missionally.

Part of growing spiritually in community is learning to love and serve God and our neighbors together. CCFC has a rich tradition of outreach to our neighbors in Central Square and Cambridge through VBS, Harvest Carnival, and Soccer Nights. These are not run by Family Ministry, but we wholeheartedly encourage families to build relationships with our neighbors and neighborhood families through these events. In addition, we also have the following annual events:

Fall Family Farm Day. In September, we bring in farm animals to a local park, and invite the neighborhood and new families to come join us in a casual and fun outing. It’s a way to connect with each other, welcome new families, and to love our neighbors with cider donuts and little furry animals.

Jesus Birthday Party. Around Christmas time, we have a Jesus Birthday Party – a fun time for kids and parents to celebrate Jesus’ birth together in a way that is tangible and enjoyable for the whole family. There is often a missional component to this, whether it is giving to relief efforts; or caroling at our neighboring home for the elderly and disabled; or learning about the work being done by our missionaries in Mexico.  

Finally, we also hope, over time, to create opportunities for families in our Sunday services, Wednesday Night group, and Traction House to meet, connect, and serve together. We believe this is one way that we can reflect the neighborhood that God has put us in, and work on issues of racial reconciliation and loving the different parts of our city and church body.

How to connect with Family Ministry?

If you are a new family to CCFC, the best way to stay informed of Family Ministry related events is to join the CCFC Families email list and Facebook group. Please send an email to families [at] ccfc-church.org to join. Please also feel free to chat with anyone on Family Ministry or email with any thoughts or questions.