World Missions Committee

By God’s grace, the World Missions Committee (WMC) seeks to empower and guide our local congregation in action and in giving to be ambassadors of Christ. WMC hopes to strategically identify and engage with communities in greatest need of God’s word and justice, bringing glory to God both in our local community and around the world. WMC does this by supporting organizations and missionaries through prayer and finances, and helping congregation members to access opportunities in global missions.

For more information and to learn more about joining an upcoming WMC meeting, email wmc [at]

I. Our Partners
        A. Urban Mosaic
        B. GBRM
        C. The Chens
        D. The Hong Family

II. Getting Involved
        A. Join WMC
        B. Mexico Summer Trip
        C. GBRM- Ambassadors Team

III. Financial Support
        A. Individual Trips
        B. Short Term Missions
        C. Urbana

IV. Resources
        A. Classes: Perspectives
        B. Local Organizations (Boston)
        C. Urban Mosaic (Mexico)
        D. Crosswired (Cambodia)