WMC: Our Partners

Our Partners

The World Missions Committee is proud to support two partner organizations, Urban Mosaic and the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry. We also support two missionary families, the Chen family in Mexico and the Hong family in Cambodia.

Urban Mosaic
Urban Mosaic photoUrban Mosaic is dedicated to tangible, life-changing transformation in slum communities on the outskirts of Mexico City. This ministry is committed to building a multi-faceted and scalable change model by equipping urban slum communities to work towards their own lasting transformation. In response to the pressing issue of urban poverty, Urban Mosaic promotes multi-dimensional interventions driven by both God’s movement and community participation. Their efforts include: coalition-building, church planting, socio-economic support groups, community organizing, community health projects, services for children, youth initiatives, and entrepreneur training. Urban Mosaic’s vision of holistic service for their local community closely aligns with CCFC’s, and our church looks forward to the growing relationship we have with Mosaico. Learn more about Urban Mosaic and also about CCFC’s annual summer service trips to Mexico City.


Greater Boston Refugee Ministry
GBRM LogoThousands of refugee families arrive in the U.S. every year, but resettlement agencies and caseworkers are unfortunately stretched thin and do not provide long-term support. Seeing this problem as an opportunity for the Church to step in, the Emmanuel Gospel Center in Boston established the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry (GBRM). GBRM offers a holistic “wrap around” model of ministry that helps refugee families with resettlement after and mobilizes the church and refugees to tackle long-term challenges faced by refugees. Learn more about GBRM.


Albert and Emily ChenThe Chen Family
Emily and Albert Chen, long-time members of CCFC, have served and loved the church in many ways. Individually, God has cultivated a heart for justice and urban poverty in Albert and Emily since they were teens. Together as husband and wife, God has led them to use their spiritual, personal, and professional gifts all in one place at Urban Mosaic. Their roles as Project & Operations Manager and Monitoring & Evaluation Manager are custom designed to match their gifts with the needs of the ministry. They are excited to see how God brings His Kingdom to Mexico, and feel incredibly blessed to give their lives to join in His work.


The Hong Family
The Hong FamilyChristina and Eul-Shik Hong first attended CCFC as college students when the the church was first starting before getting married and starting a family in Cambridge. In 2011, God called the family of four to Cambodia, a country that is rebuilding in the wake of the Khmer Rouge regime that devastated the country and killed 2 million Cambodians in the 1970s. The Hong Family is partnering with Interserve International and currently lives in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh. They are building relationships while also creating businesses whose models exemplify Christ’s love and justice. Follow the links below to learn more about the Hongs’ companies: Khalibre (high-quality IT solutions), Lucerent (clinical trials), and Joyfully Nutty (local nut butters).


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